Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Way Kay!

This time of year, you start to see sappy commercials about soldiers coming home, kids coming home from college, Santa advertises a cola drink, along with some polar bears. 

The "Holiday Spirit" is all over, on t.v.

Most of the time, I'm not bothered. Some commercials are shown every year, so it's like seeing old friends again. The one with the older brother coming home and the sister is the only one that gets up and they make coffee and it's all special. Sappy but cute. Harmless. 

However, I hate (yes, hate) with a passion the jewelery commercials. Especially the ones that end with a horribly cheesy song about "every kiss begins with the name of their store."

They make me angry!!! I'm not sure why? 

Probably because my husband and I are so not like anything in those commercials. Both times my husband presented me with expensive jewelery (my engagement ring and a pair of earrings) they were given to me in his own special way. No music. No candles. No poems. And, I'm totally okay with that. We are "real".  We do romance our own way. Like going to Walmart without the kids. Or his favorite, Cabelas.  (okay, really, we do do better than that. I'm just not going to go into great detail here. Seeing as how my mother in law reads my blog.) 

Anyways, my husband has been permanently banned,by me, from shopping at this particular jewelery store.  He didn't complain too much.


  1. I asked my hubby the other night after seeing one of those commercials, "Gosh Honey, it seems like if you don't buy me jewelry, you don't really love me."

    And he responded, "Gosh Honey, if you're after jewelry in a relationship, it's possible that you're not after love at all."

    Then we talked about how Kay should just change their name to 'whore' and make it real.

    Thanks for inspiring a future post, however. We're very 'real' here, too.

  2. I just love the comedian who said "I'm pretty sure more kisses began with Budweiser than Kay".

    Too funny.


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