Monday, November 5, 2012

Might Have Monday

 I might have stayed up way past my bedtime to watch pictures slowly download so I could post yesterday. (And still didn't make the "deadline"!)

I might have stressed myself out way too much about this posting everyday thing.

I might have let my kid eat a corndog for breakfast.

I might have let him eat one for a mid-day snack as well. And possibly dinner.

I might have watched the movie "Rudy" and cried like a baby.

I might have realized my work pants had a hole in the butt after I'd worn them at work.

This might not be the first time that has happened. 

I might have waited until the last possible moment to fill out my ballot.  It's kind of hard to choose between bad and also bad. 

I might be glad this day is over and it's almost time to watch this: 

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  1. If it makes you feel better about corndogs for breakfast, my kids had pie this morning. (But I obviously only did that on a day they were heading to school - I would *never* give them pie for breakfast if I had to have them here in the house all day...) ;)


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