Monday, November 12, 2012

You Would Think

I'm not sure what to post about, really. Nothing profound happened. My kids didn't do anything too outstanding (thank you, Lord!). 

Everyone was out of school. You would think that meant getting to sleep in. But, noooo...we must all get up BEFORE our normal time and start running through the house.

Got laundry, dishes and other miscellaneous chores done. Went to Wal-mart, me and the four kids.
You would think that since my kids are "older" (6-13) that it's not a big deal anymore, shopping with them all. But, noooo....they are too big for a cart but yet little enough to be easily distracted and touch every. single. thing. they see. Jayce, the oldest, doesn't want to be seen with us so he goes off in his own direction. Mostly coming back just in time to ask me to buy him a treat. Usually I say no because that would mean I'd have to buy four treats.

Drove through McD's and spent too much money on food that's not so great. All the little ones care about are the toys (which, this time, ended up being little skate boards that my boys LOVED and played with for a long time. Like 10 min. or something) and the food gets cold and then they don't want to eat. You would think I'd learn my lesson and save some money. But, noooo....I give in thinking it's the easiest way to make everyone happy.

Made dinner for the family to eat while I was at work. Made everyone take their showers and finish up their homework so my husband wouldn't have to deal with it when he got home.

Went to work. Gave the lady her teddy bear. You would think she would gush and gush and proclaim she loves it. But, noooo...although she was very happy to get it, she proclaimed it wasn't the right color. That's okay.  Seriously. Josie did it because she wanted to, no other reason. And, it did make the lady happy. I later saw it on her bed. 

Gave an old man a shower. You would think I would be use to it by now. But, noooo...I still can't believe the places I rub lotion on, the things I wipe, the things I do. All for $9/hr.  Seriously, senior care is so ridiculous. We want our loved ones to be loved and cared for. But, caregivers get paid slightly better than min. wage? But, yet, residents are charged THOUSANDS of dollars to live there?  I'm glad I like the job and that we don't "need" it.

Came home, pet the kids, hugged the dog. Told them to put on their p.j.s. You would think they would rush to obey. But, noooo...15min. later, I walk into the boys' room to find them buck naked. And wrestling. Seeing as how I'd seen enough nakedness for one day, I rushed to clothe them, tuck them into bed, say prayers and give kisses. 

Now, I'm blogging. You would think it would be a wonderfully, hilarious, touching post. But, noooo...this is pretty much it!


  1. Seriously... what happened to 1.99 happy meals? We go to McD's and it costs us no less than $45 for lunch. *sigh*

    I would rather go to the grocery store and hit the ready made stuff, spread a blanket and have a picnic. But that would require some planning...

  2. It made me laugh and I was touched that you gave the lady her teddy bear. And I'm really laughing at your naked kids wrestling... kids are freaking hysterical!!

  3. I love it. :) Your day "off" (which in reality, to us parents of kids in public school feels more like overtime) sounds about like mine. Hope you have a great rest of the week!


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