Monday, November 2, 2009

Four or Fork?

While at the local grocery store the other day, with all 4 of my children, pushing one of those stupid fun carts that look like a fire truck, we passed a "free sample" table. 

The sample was of some sort of chicken marinara dish. The young man running the table was kind enough to give all of the kids a sample.  They loved it!  The young (he was probably 22, for crying out loud!  I'm talking like a true old person now!) gave us a coupon for the actual dish which made the item FREE!


I go to the freezer section, pick out the dish, read the label that said:  Four tender chicken breasts in old world marinara sauce.

Fabulous!  The kids can have it for lunch!

Get home, heat up the  dish.  Peel off the plastic to find ONE itsy, bitsy, pathetic chicken breast.  With about a gallon of the old world marinara sauce.

What the....??

I dig the wrapper out of the garbage and re-read it:  Fork tender chicken breasts in about a gallon of old world marinara sauce. 

Turns out, I don't know how to read after all! 

Because all the kids liked the dish so much, there was no way I could only give it to one.  So, I split that fork tender chicken breast into 4 itsy, bitsy, pathetic pieces.

Then made PB&J to go with it!!

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  1. So funny! Don't you just love when the build up is more than it's worth! Lovely.


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