Friday, November 27, 2009

I Am Getting Too Old For This!

I got up at 3a.m. to go shopping. 

Just typing that sentence makes me seem a little crazy!

By 7a.m. we had hit 4 stores and were ready to go home.

The lines were long but I think the longest wait we had was about 30 min.  Not too bad really.
On a normal day at Walmart, I think that's about average. 

What I did notice that was different this year was everyone seemed happy.
We did not encounter one grumpy person.  All the cashiers were friendly and helpful (and they should be, considering how much money was spent in their fine establishment today).  Our fellow line people were friendly and were eager to exchange Black Friday stories.  I even heard one lady offer to hold a complete stranger' place in line since they had to go to the restroom.

Getting in the Christmas spirit can sometimes be hard for me.   Money, unfortunately, plays too big of a role in Christmas.  Especially when you have 4 kids that have wish lists.  Fortunately, my kids do keep them pretty simple and are easy to please. 

With the Christmas season upon us, I find my mood going up and then down.  Worried about the financial aspect of it but then happy about all that we do have and knowing that the important part is being together.  And, it's the birthday of my Saviour!  How can that not make me happy? 

Tonight, I am finding it hard to keep my eyes open.  I normally stay up late at night, reading or watching t.v.
I think I may beat the kids to bed tonight.

I will close with a funny:   I bought the little boys new socks today (50% off!).  When they tried them on, they both exclaimed that they made them run sooo fast! 
Jeven even said "These new socks make me dizzy!!" 

Hmmmm....I wonder if the new socks made him draw all over himself as well? 

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  1. Gotta watch out for new socks. No telling what they'll make you do.


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