Monday, November 16, 2009


When Jayce was about a year old, I did in-home daycare.  I had 3 extra little boys, 5 days a week.  It was a  nice extra income and gave Jayce someone to play with.

Throughout the years, I've backed off doing the "official daycare" thing but still babysit.  For family and friends. 

To me, the biggest compliment is being asked to care for someone else's child.  Do I always feel like it?  Of course not.  (And I'm not shy about saying "No!".  After all, I figure why would you want someone to watch your child if they don't really want to?)

Tonight, I got a call from a gal asking me to be a "sub" for her regular daycare provider.  Turns out, her friend, my cousin, gave her my number. 

I was so pleasantly surprised! 

Of course, she may never call again.  The background noise ("JEVEN!!  Take the pencil out of your sandwich!") may have turned her off. 
I know it did me.

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  1. I watch two extras 2 or 3 days a week. I like the extra money, and it allows me to do what I'd normally be doing at home, anyway. I try and remind myself regularly, especially when I'm feeling very tired or impatient, that someone has entrusted ME with their children, and that helps. It certainly is a compliment.


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