Monday, November 30, 2009

I Did It!

This is a big day for me.  I made it a whole month of posting every day.  AND it's my 200th post!!

Stop laughing. 

I know some of you either a) don't blog so don't understand the magnitude of such trivial things
or b) you blog every day already and passed the number 200 about 5 trillion posts ago.

I love blogging.  I like putting my thoughts on "paper".  I like looking back on the weird adorable things my kids have done. 

Awhile ago, I posted about all the grief blogging can cause.  But, I don't think I'm stopping.  I will probably back off a bit.  Maybe not. 

Someone said it's about finding a balance.  I thought I had a pretty good balance until I actually used a timer and saw the "real" time I was spending on blogging, reading blogs and other internet "social networking". 

It was disgusting!  It's really opened my eyes to why maybe, perhaps, things weren't getting done around here. 

But stopping all together isn't realistic for me. 

So, I'm off to find balance. 


  1. It's not easy to post every day!
    Good for you!

    And I really got a kick out of your earlier post...
    "Hi Dave! Look what I can do!"

  2. Congrats on finding a balance. My hubby told me I should get a job doing computer work since I'm on the computer all the time anyway. That's not entirely true. He's not usually here to watch me do the laundry, shopping, schooling...etc. etc. I'm taking the girls to the library tomorrow. Hey, at least I can type 50 wpm. That's one plus to my blog addiction.

  3. What I like about blogging is the permanence of it - from the mundane, trivial things (that consists of most of my entries) to the life-changing events and revelations.

    It takes up no space, we can search for past posts, and share with others, if we so wish.

    Huh. I think I will now have to blog my comment to you. ;]


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