Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sometimes the Stars Align Just Right

At times, it seems life just kicks you when you're down.
Other times, it seems things go just right.

We bought a 46" LCD/HDTV Feb. of 2008.  It wasn't a hasty purchase.  It was something we researched for months before spending over $1000 on it.  Plus, the extra extended warranty. 

In May of that same year (when the t.v. was 3 months old) we had to have it fixed.  It was covered under the manufacturers warranty. 

Since then, we've had the stupid thing fixed over 6 times.  All through the extended warranty.  It has gotten to the point that our children now know the t.v. repair man by his first name. 
"Hi Dave!!  Look what I can do!" 

Thank God we purchased the extra warranty.  But, it still was ridiculous to keep fixing the thing.  We have now exceeded the cost of the purchase price. 

Everyone would tell us "Just ask for a new t.v."  and we did.  But, every time we'd ask, they'd just send "Dave" out to fix it.  These repairs came to about $800.   Each. 

Part of the problem was when I'd call the warranty company, the representative did not speak English as a first language.  It was easier to just go along with what they were saying than try to argue.  And, we figured at some point they'd give up and replace it. 

Well, this last week, the t.v. went out.  Again. 
I had enough!  I was determined to get it replaced, not repaired. 
I called the warranty company, planning on asking for an English speaking supervisor immediately. 

The representative answered.  It was a woman.  With a Texas accent.  I decided, my luck,asking for a supervisor would get me some non-English speaking dude.

I very politely told her my problem.  When I was done "Ida" says:  "Darlin'!  I cannot believe they've done this to ya!  Ya hold on now while I go talk to my supervisor.  M'Kay?"

After about 3 minutes she comes back on and tells me that a replacement has been approved! 
What they do is look up the specs. for our current t.v. and offer us a similar set or a check. 
Someone will be calling us in 3-5 days.  Oh, and they'll send a prepaid shipping box for our dumb defective set. 

The whole phone call took about 20 min.  After months and months of dealing with this issue. 

Some people will say I should have gotten firmer with the warranty company in the first place.  Believe me, I tired.  But in the end, I got the desired results by being nice.  And, good old Ida. 

By the way, I wrote down Ida's direct number so I can call her next time.  She is my new best friend.


  1. Awesome! New TV! Do you get the extended warranty with the new set, too? You know, just in case???

  2. What brand is that thing so we don't make the same mistake?

  3. Rachel, you can bet your booty that we'll be getting the extra warranty with the new one--either they will give it to us or give us enough $$ for one.

    Shari, it is a Samsung, one of the highest rated brands. We even have a current copy of Consumer Reports on our kitchen table right now that rates them very highly. "Dave" said they are very good t.v.s.
    We just got a lemon ) :

  4. That's great! I'm so tired of having nice guys finish last!


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