Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Needy Family

This posting every day is hard.  My life is just too....regular. 
"Stuff" happens every day but it's hard to write about.

"Today, I yelled too much at my kids.  They ran around naked some.  They fought some.  They ate too much and slept too little.  

The phone rang but I couldn't hear what was being said because of previously stated nakedness and fighting.

I cooked.  I cleaned.  I laughed.  I didn't cry today, though.  Tomorrow is another day."

You can see why posting every day can be a challenge. 

I will leave with this:

Throughout the year, I sell things on Craigslist.  For two reasons-to get rid of stuff and to make a little extra cash.

During the holidays, I really try to get things on every day or at least every week.

I put some of the kids' clothes on this week.  Several days went by and I got no responses. 
Except for this:  "Would you consider donating these clothes to a needy family?"

HELLOOOOO!!!!!  I am selling my stuff on Craiglsist!  I AM the needy family!!!!


  1. Stupid thing won't let me c/p.

    I love what you said about what your kids did today...and why you could not hear over the phone.

    You're funny.

    Good luck w/ Craigslist, I'm a buyer, not a seller. Usually end up just giving stuff to Goodwill. I park in the parking lot after dropping off my bags an/or boxes. Then I shop. I do not come home empty handed.

  2. I am all for charity, but more often than not, I'm thinking the SAME thing when I'm asked to donate: "Lady, I'm about one paycheck away from being that family in need!"

    Glad you ended up selling your stuff! I tried to sell a few things over the summer. I had some interest, but in the end didn't sell a thing. I should repost my ads...


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