Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My husband gives me alot of it.  About blogging. 

He thinks I'm putting waayy too much information on the world wide web.  For perfect strangers to see.  And judge.  Which I'm sure happens, the judging.  But, it doesn't bother me. 

He doesn't understand the need to write things down.  To have others give supporting comments.  Or to cry with you and even laugh with you.

He doesn't understand how fun it is to read other's stories.  And to comment, cry and laugh with them. 

I want to respect my husband's wishes though. 

I've posted every day this month and will continue until the end of November. 

After that, I think I will back off a tad. 

Maybe a little more one -on- one attention will do us both some good. 
After all, with the Holidays approaching, spending more time off the computer and more time with the family is not a bad thing.  In no way is my husband a controlling, insensitive guy.  I think it honestly boils down to feeling left out. 

But, I'm curious--what does your husband think of the whole blogging thing? 


  1. He understands since I've had real bad luck with friends IRL, plus, my MIL and best family friend in the world are gone so it fills a void for me. He knows how important my blogs are to me. He knows I have soul searching, bitching, whining, and healing to do from my crazy ass past. He knows I don't like golf and I don't like to watch TV so for the first time since I quit using drugs, I have a hobby that is actually good for me. Plus, if he had to hear about everything that pisses me off on a daily basis, he'd probably go crazy! ha ha ha ;)

  2. Well, you and I both know I am blogging now because my husband could not stand the "Facebook Addiction" I had... so I completely understand! Once again... another sign we should live closer together! I <3 Less Than Three You!!! ;)p

  3. It's a matter of finding balance. I think you should blog if it makes you happy!! Happy wife, happy life!! ;)

  4. I think you should keep blogging because it is not just about you. It is something you can keep for your kids to read when they are older. I understand that Judd may feel left out, but he has things that are just his. As a mom we put are hobbies/interest last. If blogging helps with stress and other emotions then I think it is good for you. I understand less time on Computer. I do the same. Men are babies. Sorry Judd I love ya, but I gotta stick up for my sister n law on this one.

  5. Roy doesn't care because he knows it's something I enjoy! I blog most of the time when he's not here! Once he's home I shut it down.

  6. Mine gives me grief..... I will schedule some posts when I can.... and then my goal is to post at least once per week... "live".... anything over that because he is off hunting, or watching a football game or playing golf is bonus.. =)

  7. Just found you from Mad Boastings of cheapskate mom... my hubby definitely thinks it consumes too much time.. and though he never says anything--- i can see it in his eyes... and man that pressure is getting to me to take a bit of a break... or back off a little myself.

    Are we afraid of being "forgotten" by the blogosphere? I dont know.


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