Monday, November 23, 2009


I am running out of things to post. 

My thoughts just aren't that interesting. 

My kids are interesting but yet, it's hard to put it all on paper. 

I find myself looking through old pictures.

Here's a mix of some "Uh-Oh!" moments.

Jarrett.  About age 2.

Josie stuck in the exersaucer.  Probably about age 2.                                                                                    

Also Josie.

Josie.  Again.  She was a handful, okay!?

Jeven.  Like the look on his face?  "MOM!!Put down the
camera and help Dad!  He's gonna rip my leg clear off!! MOM!!" 

Turns out, I have many, many pictures of "Uh-Oh!"s. 

I am glad that I took the time to take pictures.  I am glad that we can look back and laugh.  Now.  Then, not so funny.  But, now?  Funny.

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